DFARS 252.204-7012 Compliance Consulting

DFARS Requirements go beyond what is required by the NIST SP 800-171 standard. If you are doing business with the Department of Defense it is critical to understand what DFARS clauses have been included in your contract and what you must do to comply so you are not subject to penalties that can include losing your contract and being black listed by the DoD.

Facts About Common DFARS Requirements That Affect You

You have 72 hours to report a cyber incident to the DoD. Failure to do so following proper procedure is a violation of DFARS rules and you may be subject to penalty and/or losing your contract.

Under DFARS rules many cloud solutions are not allowed and do not meet the requirements.

Upon request by the DoD, the Contractor shall provide DoD with access to additional information or equipment that is necessary to conduct a forensic analysis. This means you must be able to allow the DoD to access your systems if they request it in order for them to conduct their own investigation of a cyber incident.

Depending upon what DFARS requirements are in your contract you may be required to make sure all of your subcontractors are also compliant (Flow Down). Failure to ensure the transfer of information to a compliant sub-contractor can be grounds for penalty or contract loss.


Keeping up with compliance can be a full time job. If you are a small to mid-size organization or have only a portion of your business focused on work with the DoD it may not be financially feasible to have this expertise on staff.

WCCS empowers small to mid size companies with fractional and on demand compliance consulting and expertise.

The Importance of DFARS

As the world becomes more technology-reliant, cybersecurity breaches are a significant threat. While the internet delivers unlimited benefits, it is also a breeding ground for criminals and hackers. Digital warfare occurs regularly, with various countries completing espionage and digital attacks daily.

The most powerful countries around the world are enhancing digital security to prevent leaks and breaches. The DFARS compliance checklist helps organizations enforce appropriate security measures when dealing with the DoD or controlled unclassified information. It’s critical to be aware that cyber incidents must be reported to the DoD within 72 hours.


The DFARS Compliance Checklist

To meet the minimum DFARS cybersecurity requirements, DoD contractors must consult the DFARS checklist. This is a detailed document outlining the exact measures. It revolves around the provision of adequate security and the rapid reporting of cyber problems. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has produced several specific publications, known as NIST SP, regarding best-in-practice actions for information security. 

 This information is complex and can be challenging to break down. Therefore, it is often recommended that organizations hire a managed IT service to help ensure they remain DFARS compliant.

Does My Business Need to be DFARS Compliant?

It’s vital to know if your business needs to be DFARS compliant. If you process, store, or transmit CUI or you’re a contractor for the DoD, it’s essential that you pass compliance. Ensure your business contracts are inspected closely for DFARS provisions if you’re unsure. Note that cloud solutions frequently do not meet the requirements laid out by DFARS rules. 

 Whether you require IT support in Temecula, IT services in Murrieta, or IT consulting in San Diego, choose a managed IT service provider experienced with DFARS compliance, like West Coast Computer Solutions (WCCS).


Penalties for Noncompliance

Noncompliance results in swift and firm action. The organization responsible for the noncompliance is immediately denied and disqualified from any DoD contract at present and in the future. Due to the severity of the threat of cybercrime, the U.S. government takes no chances when it comes to security.

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How to Ensure Your Business Remains DFARS Compliant

Depending on your business requirements, you may need to make sure your subcontractors are also compliant (flow down). Ultimately, you are responsible for subcontractors, meaning you may be penalized if they fail to meet DFARS requirements. 

 DFARS compliance requires a full-time commitment from a computer and information systems expert. Businesses should consider hiring a professionally managed IT service to ensure they’re compliant at all times. 

 For small to medium businesses, WCCS can take care of your DFARS responsibilities, enabling you to concentrate entirely on your DoD contract. We specialize in solutions in the California area, including:

Contact us today to discuss your options, and we’ll put the steps in place to ensure your business is DFARS compliant.