Visit Lake Skinner when in Murrieta CA

Lake Skinner is a man-made lake in southern Riverside County, California. It was formed by the diversion of a water course to the north and west. The diversion occurred in the late nineteenth century, when the water had dried up and the Lake’s original source had been abandoned. Today, Lake Skinner is managed for public safety and is considered to be one of the finest lakes for fly fishing in Southern California.


murrieta ca lake skinner

To get to the lake, there are many different options, but we are going to start out by going to Lake Skinner Warrren Road, a paved access road just west of the intersection of Highway 381 and Golf Course Road. If you are coming from Temecula, take I-15 East toward San Bernardino to the second interchange, then onto Golf Course Road, then take I-15 North back to your original destination. Alternatively, if you are coming from Murrieta (the second largest city in Riverside County), take US 95 E. Murrieta to Golf Course Road, then take I-15 North towards San Bernardino. There is an RV campground at Lake Skinner Park.

When it comes to Lake Skinner what draws people to it is mainly its location, offering plenty of prime fishing opportunities, but there are a number of other attractions that make this lake worth the drive. For example, if you love fishing and camping is important to you, but you don’t have much time, then you need to take the family to the Temecula skate park. The Temecula skate park is open all year, but the most popular times are early mornings and late afternoons, when the skateboarders come out looking like they’ve been skating all afternoon and need a break from the warm California sun.

Another popular attraction at Lake skinner is the Lake Skinner RV Camping Park. If you really want to spend your time at the lake, then consider a day trip on the Pacheco Creek Railway. This two and one half hour ride takes you through a wooded area that is filled with beautiful scenery and wildlife. Along the way you can stop at the helpful votes at the various campsites that dot the countryside.

One of the best things about the Lake Skinner recreation area is that it is one big destination park. So if you plan on going camping here, you can choose between driving around on the road, hiking in the forest, renting a motorboat or enjoying a picnic lunch right in front of your RV. You can also take the train to the train station, which travels quite close to the downtown area. The one-room schoolhouse sits just off a paved picnic table in the center of the park. You’ll find the schoolhouse has a fire pit, wood table, TV, and a window that overlooks the reservoir.

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