Managed IT services provide outsourced technological support for organizations. These providers can perform a range of services, from basic network configuration for an office to complex cybersecurity for compliance with U.S. governmental protocols. In a professional world that’s becoming increasingly reliant on technology, managed IT services play a vital role in supporting virtually all industries.

Managed IT services leverage industry knowledge, experience, and the latest technology to improve your technological infrastructure and software, helping your business reduce costs and become more efficient.

Expert IT Knowledge

Manipulating network systems and business software effectively often requires a specific skill set and specialized knowledge, particularly in niche industries such as accounting and finance. Rather than purchasing training courses for your employees every time you implement a new system, a managed IT team can ensure consistent, smooth operations.

Immediate Support

One of the main advantages of hiring a managed services provider is that they perform remote monitoring. Using cloud computing, they can access your system from anywhere, at any time. A managed services provider is available during key working hours to address any issues, ensuring minimum delays and disruptions.

Without dedicated IT experts, even minor technical problems can turn into major issues. In many cases, your managed service provider detects an error before you do.

Ensures Mandatory Compliance

Certain industries require strict digital compliance from the businesses that operate within them. For example, organizations that work alongside U.S. government agencies such as the Department of Defense (DoD) need to comply with the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS). These regulations were established to prevent critical federal information from being accessed from unauthorized sources.

Centralized Control

With Managed IT, all technological infrastructure is handled by a single source. This makes it cheaper and easier to manage, and it means all employees have the same experience with technology and support. Using different service providers for various departments can cause unnecessary complications when IT problems occur.


Managed IT services are continuously evolving. With your technology partner keeping up with the latest trends, software, and infrastructure, your business progresses alongside them. Whether this involves implementing a brand new SEO software program or an updated VoIP phone system, you won’t fall behind competitors from an IT standpoint. Managed cloud services help businesses make significant cost savings.


It’s common for a small business to assume they aren’t realistic targets for cybercriminals. However, due to a lack of security measures, they are easy prey for hackers. Small businesses are the most frequent victims of cybercrime. What’s more, 60% of small businesses are forced to shut down within six months of a cyberattack.

Managed IT firms can implement high-level cybersecurity to reduce the risk of a data breach. If an incident occurs, they can implement disaster recovery measures to minimize the damage.

Work With a First-Rate Managed IT Service

If you want to modernize your small business and ensure that your IT infrastructure runs smoothly and safely, it’s essential to work with an experienced managed IT service provider. At West Coast Computer Solutions, we provide first-rate managed IT for small to medium-sized businesses.

From cloud services to specialized industry compliance, we can help elevate your business from a technology perspective, allowing you to concentrate on core competencies. Based in California, some of our most popular services include:

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